The Good Vote: Podcast Producer

Ahead of the Australian Federal election, Eternity news approached me to see if we could make a podcast that would help its audience understand the main issues at play.

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The Challenge

With the usual confusing jumble of noise around an election, could we break through with commute-length primers on the key issues at stake with some of the nation's most respected experts?

The Concept

Along with Eternity news, I worked with Tim Costello, Australia's most beloved social justice campaigner and certified national treasure, to develop content, find, reach and book experts, and produce a podcast that would explain the major issues of the 2019 Federal election.

The Result

Well, we hit Number 1 on the podcast charts for our category, but you can listen for yourself.

And check out the lineup of guests:

Professor Ian Harper on the economy

Former Prime Minister, John Anderson on religious freedom

Former Senator and Ambassador for Women and Girls, Natasha Stott Despoja on women's rights

Australian of the Year, Dr. Tim Flannery on the environment

Author and lecturer, Dr Susan Carland on islamophobia

Aboriginal leader Mark Yettica-Paulson on indigenous rights