Taronga: Consulting Partnership

Taronga are building a community of activists for the wild. Over the past 3 years, I've been consulting to Taronga to help build a holistic community of advocates that use their time, money and voice to support the work of the conservation society. Bringing together every key department, from marketing and fundraising, through communications and conservation is something that every organisation needs to build true, full advocates. I've had the pleasure of facilitating inter-departmental meetings with all relevant teams at Taronga, from globally renowned vets and conservation experts to fundraisers and social media teams. The aim? To enable Taronga to build a community of people who value a shared future for people and animals.

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The Challenge

If you haven't been, Taronga Conservation Society is located in the best possible position in Sydney, with stunning views across the harbour. It's one of Australia's most awarded tourist attractions, with millions visiting each year. But, how do they use these pull-factors, to drive behaviour change and deliver on their brand promise of a shared future for people and wildlife? How do they show the public that they are more than a zoo, they're a world-leading conservation society.

Lemurs, Tigers and Seals... Oh My!

How do you create genuine advocacy moments that feel like an extension of your experience at the zoo? That's the challenge Taronga have put to themselves (and then by extension to me) as they redesign and build new, state-of-the-art habitats for the animals in their care.

What began with a strategic review of the lemur exhibit (possibly the best project brief you could imagine), developed into working with the Taronga experience team to develop the advocacy strategy for their incredible new, multi-million dollar tiger exhibit. We rounded out the 'travel' experience planned through the exhibit, which transports you into the Sumatran jungle, with a final stage integrated shopping experience that centres on a simple corporate petition to promote sustainable palm oil. and worked with our Creative Director to develop the brand for Raise Your Palm, the Taronga sustainable palm oil campaign. As part of this work, along with our Creative Director, we developed the brand for Raise Your Palm, the Taronga sustainable palm oil campaign.

Hatch: The Social Impact Accelerator

I've also been working with the Taronga community team to develop a program to assist people and teams inspired to solve some of the world's key environmental problems turn their ideas into reality. While still under construction, this accelerator will bring together some of the sharpest business and advocacy minds, as well as the expertise of Taronga's in house staff to amplify the impact of some incredible ideas. Watch this space.