Gruen: Content and Media

It was Thursday afternoon and the Agency team were about to head out for drinks when the phone rang. No one wanted to answer it. We're so glad that we did.

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The Challenge

One of Australia's most loved panel shows, Gruen, challenges the best agencies to sell the unsellable in their most watched segment, The Pitch. Our task was to rehabilitate the image of clowns.

The Process

This was a collaborative process from end to end.

We got a whole team pitching concepts, and voted in rounds to find our favourite shortlist. We fleshed out treatments and project plans for each to see if they stood up to the realities of shooting on a small budget and a tight timeline - and in the end, we had our winner.

I'm exceptionally proud of what the team produced. Particularly our video producer Amy, who spent much of the final day locked in an editing suite with me making last minute changes to perfect the ad. We literally finished within minutes of the show's all important rehearsal.

The Result

Here's where we landed. Did we convince you?